Where To Go When You Have Nowhere To Live

I live in a heartbeat, unfurling vicious.

Afraid, I settle on the edge of a sliver of a prayer,

syllables turned out with rust. Here I tread kindnesses.

Here I do not breathe out of turn. Dust particles

glide over me, engulf any common sense. Somewhere

in July I have used up all sunlight. Two nights

from now I learn to fall asleep in between the crack

of the bed and a wall I will never own. On one hand

I have used up a friendship’s patience. On the other

I have absolutely nothing else. My skin waxes

and wanes with your permission. I am chameleon, I am

ghost, I am passing through. If I shrink small enough

no one will see me. If I shrink small enough that will not matter.

The hunger runs deep, furrows, carves out

tunnels. I count the tiles. Even in freefall I can’t win;

my grades plummet better than I do. Love

becomes lifeline, but even he is hair’s breadth away from dissipating.

Everything is too far or too close. No map charts solace.


sing lit body slam: 2 much 2 soon

[a sample from the show]

We are your void deck mats, your 77th street minah, your
Chong Pang ah pek, your Tai Chi auntie, your macha,
your e-scooter YP, your police warnings on lift doors,
your smoking corner, your every school is a good school,
your limited Arts budget, your assembly canings,
your delinquent paradise. We are a Lower Seletar date and an
Upper Seletar fuck. We are a late night supper stretch.
We are every gristly cat murder that ignores our cat welfare
efforts, we are your lift lobby cow, we are your masked lady,
we are every laughing headline, but we are not yours.


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