• Irie Aman

The Innova Spirit

This first appeared in the Innova Press 2015.

There’s always something to be said about Innova’s Open House. Certainly last year, for those who attended, and most definitely this year it’s a pity that for most of us involved, it’s our first and last time. Much buzz surrounds the days leading up to the event, and it is hardly invalid: it’s a momentous enough occasion for fellow Innovians to be taking to their social media, and in the name of enjoying the commodities of this generation, posting on the #whyij hashtag. Pictures are tossed about on Instagram carelessly, whether relevant to the actual meaning of the hashtag: why choose Innova when these reasons are seemingly trivial enough?

But it’s always been the little things that our students and even teachers alike will remember: the simple delight at the prospect of a potentially endless supply of free ice cream, mingling with your compatriots, and how the whole school came alive

. The constant stream of good music created a relatively comfortable atmosphere, but it were the uniquely IJ details that reminded us all of the school spirit we thought we had long buried. Cheers most of us hadn’t heard in nearly a year brought us back to the days of our own orientation; the impromptu conga line that wound about the foyer’s perimeter thrice, eventually disintegrating upon exhaustion; a sense of pride as we all gathered to watch our PAG perform the same routines throughout the day, cheering them on with our numbers when no potential juniors were to be found in the audience.

The booths were eventually packed away, and the school is left unadorned once more. While it stands forlorn of the Open House decorations, however, our students are not, because we know that the Innova spirit remains in us all.

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