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30 Under 30 Singaporeans 2020

Straits Times

The Straits Times celebrates 30 young change-makers from diverse backgrounds who are making a difference in their respective fields, and who have earned our recognition with their achievements and daring.

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Singapore’s Zines Tackle the Issues Mainstream Media Won't


From mental health to LGBTQ Rights and racial discrimination, indie publications run by Singapore’s youth do not back down from talking about controversial issues.


3 Inspiring Leaders on Impacting Change


Rather than view it as an “elusive" destination that only a few can attain, self-love is about building a strong, ongoing relationship with yourself — through the good days and the bad days.

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Eye Candy: We Chat with Artist and Queer Activist Irie Aman


In this edition of Eye Candy, Irie shares about how art has impacted their life, the effects of COVID-19 on the queer community, and their fave bubble tea drink.

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A Literal Poetry Slam

Have you ever imagined poetry and pro wrestling in the same sentence? These two art forms that might seem worlds’ apart but Sing Lit Body Slam, an upcoming poetry-cum-wrestling show, aims to prove otherwise. We chatted with one of Singapore’s fastest rising spoken word poets, Irie Aman, and Cruiserweight Champion Val "Showtime" Senan from Grapple MAX to get their thoughts on what promises to be a verbal and physical showdown.


Not Just 'Snowflakes': Millennials are changing the face of civil society

Straits Times

Being an activist, she said, is like trying to move a paper boat to shore in a lake by creating ripples with thrown rocks. Sometimes you might rock the boat too much, and you may not even know if or when it is getting to the shore - but at least it is moving.